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This is a list of things that you could do to help improve the wiki. Once you have completed a task, edit this page and delete the task completed. Simple.

Also, If you think there's something to be improved, add it to the list!


  • Improve the knife-related parts of the Sticky
  • Replace image at /k/-approved movies with an actual list
  • Add new links to the Useful Links page
  • Make a New Entry !
  • Grab SKS
  • Go innawoods
  • Pro-gun resource links by country/State (including carry permit resources where applicable, interest sites, lobbying groups, case history links, etc.)
  • Knife rights page(s)
  • Anti-gun chain businesses (for wider recognition), proof of their policies
  • Expressly pro-gun companies/chains
  • List of Federal-level cases related to gun rights in the US
  • History of Gun Control in the US
  • Add more specific information to gas mask section--such as how the filters work and what filter to buy for what chemical threat