One of the most frequent (read: daily) occurrences on /k/ is the constant nagging question of "Should I join the military /k/?" or some variation thereof.

First order of business Edit


Stop and think about what you're doing, dumb-ass.

DO NOT JOIN ANY BRANCH OF THE MILITARY IF... hate the idea of fools and morons being in charge of nearly every aspect of your life. are not a morning person and could never imagine getting up earlier than 5:00 AM. don't think "Because I fucking said so!" is a good enough reason to engage in stupidity. have issues with killing innocent people or supporting the efforts of people who do. think blindly following tradition and the status quo is a terrible idea. have any nagging physical injuries that keep you from pushing yourself to your limits. are struggling with depression or other mental issues that cause you grief. are married, or like the idea of monogamous, faithful relationships. can't walk 12 miles while carrying 45 pounds, run 5 miles, or do at least 60 push-ups.'ve been told that you think too much for your own good, or are fiercely independent. hate paperwork, government regulations, bureaucracy, and statism. loathe the idea of being treated like a high-schooler who needs constant counseling. think this is a good career move, or hope that it will change you for the better. dread pissing in a cup under observation on a bi-weekly basis. believe mandatory vaccinations are unconstitutional. detest corruption, cronyism, good ol' boy networks, and institutionalized brown-nosing. have aversions to being hungry, cold, exhausted, hot, injured, or unappreciated. think hazing and harassment should not happen in the workplace. are counting on the VA to take care of you after the service is finished with you. want the ability to walk away from a job without becoming the equivalent of a felon. can't stand the thought of losing 30 IQ points and a leg after your truck hits an IED. like keeping a schedule and think the workweek ends at 4:30 PM on Friday.'d hate to live with and clean up after drunk, rowdy kids in a rat hole of a building.'d rather not have your haircut scrutinized by everyone on the face of the planet. want to preserve your hearing, your knee cartilage, and your mental heath.'ve watched a documentary on prison life and thought, "Damn, I'm glad that's not me."

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