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The Murder/k/ube, in all its glory.

The Murder/k/ube, sometimes written as "Murdercube", is a sculpture of broken firearms that has become a staple of /k/ lore. Although it was originally intended as a memetic commentary on the sad state of decommissioned firearms (gun gore), the Murder/k/ube has been turned into a pseudo-deity by the denizens of /k/, being worshiped both ironically and solemnly by countless /k/ommandos.


The Murder/k/ube was first conceived during an attempted gun gore thread on /k/ in the early-2010s**, where images of broken, melted, or otherwise inoperable firearms were posted to cause mass disgust among all who see them. The /k/ube was among the ghastly images that were posted that day. It was a pinnacle example of gun gore - a giant quadrilateral parallelogram of mangled weaponry, complete with an opening that led to unknown realms within its hollow interior. However, it quickly became apparent that this intimidating sculpture would prove to be so much more than just a one-time gore post. It was not long before the Murder/k/ube, as it came to be known, began popping up in numerous threads, becoming a regular /k/ meme with its own crude lore. At the same time, numerous /k/ommandos generated an ironic following for the /k/ube, presenting it as a sentient being with supernatural powers. Over time, the legends surrounding Murder/k/ube have been refined and altered, with some stories taking on various, sometimes contradicting, forms. Even so, the /k/ube's memetic following has remained consistent and, in fact, has developed into a pseudo-religion, whose tenets many /k/ommandos regard as sacred.

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The Murder/k/ube as a Faith[]

Kube Pilgrimage 1

A faithful pilgrim in prayerful meditation before the /k/ube.

As the Murder/k/ube started its rise to pseudo-deity status, it began to be routinely praised and worshipped by /k/ommandos in countless threads. The most frequently-observed form of worship has been short phrases of adulation, which are repeated to gain the /k/ube's blessings. Some of the more common praises include:

  • Glory to the Murder/k/ube
  • Saluto Nex Alea (All hail the Murder/k/ube)
  • Ave Nex Alea (Long live the Murder/k/ube)

For many /k/ommandos, these praises, coupled with a general reverence for the /k/ube's power, serve as the furthest extent of their faith. For other believers, a greater show of loyalty is required of them. Thus, some /k/ommandos have constructed small altars upon which to pray and offer sacrifices to the Murder/k/ube. There have also been attempts to write a full-length sacred text (or "S/k/ripture") detailing the origins, powers, and legends surrounding the /k/ube, though the numerous differing origin stories and lore about the /k/ube have precluded all attempts thus far. Some individuals have even gone so far as to conduct pilgrimages to the /k/ube's mortal prison in Canada for the purpose of praying to it in person.

While descriptions of the /k/ube's specific attributes and powers have differed greatly over the years (even within the same thread), there are some common tenets that all believers share. For example, it is near-universally accepted that the Murder/k/ube is a pathway to some form of afterlife, a place where the souls of oper8ors past go to relive their glory days and combat supernatural foes with limitless ammunition. It is the fervent desire of every believing /k/ommando for their soul to be accepted into the Murder/k/ube upon their death.

Current Location[]

The Murder/k/ube is currently being housed in Leafland, at the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre (53.55407 N, 113.50015 W) in Edmonton, Alberta. It is believed that the milder climate of western Canada acts like a nuclear cooling rod on the /k/ube's core, preventing it from awakening and unleashing an era of unparalleled destruction. Or maybe it just likes the cold.

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