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Gun laws of the world[]

This page is dedicated to listing the regulations /k/ommandos face around the world. Add your own country.


United states:[]


United kingdom:[]

England & Wales:[]

All firearms (lethal barreled weapons) must be licensed and registered, with the exception of pre-1930 "obsolete calibre" guns, sub 12ft-lbs airguns, and rifles held by the operator of a miniature rifle range with a bore no greater than 0.22 inches. Shotguns, defined as smoothbore firearms with a barrel length over 24" and the capacity of no more than 3 cartridges, are the easiest regulated firearm to acquire. A shotgun certificate is required, issued on a shall issue basis involving medical and criminal background checks and inspection of storage conditions. Shotguns may operate with any mechanism other than fully automatic. There is no limit to how many shotguns may be owned with one license, or how much ammunition may be owned. Firearms, including rifles, shotguns not meeting the aforementioned definition and handguns require an FAC (Firearms certificate), which needs a justification for the ownership of each firearm owned. There are ammunition limits set on a case by case basis, and ammunition must be securely stored. Centrefire semi automatic and pump action rifles are prohibited from ownership. Breach loading modern pistols and short weapons are prohibited, other than for collectors and for the purpose of humane dispatch of animals. Muzzle loading pistols are regulated in the same way as rifles.


The same as England and Wales, but air guns of any kind must always be licensed.

Northern Ireland:[]

Due to the Good Friday agreement, northern ireland has different laws in regards to firearms ownership to GB. The general licensing system works more or less the same, but centrefire handguns are still able to be licensed for sports shooters, and for the purpose of self defense. Unlike in Great Britain, personal protection is a "valid reason" to own a firearm. Concealed carry permits are also authorized by the police, but they are usually only authorized when a clear threat to life is identified.

Crown dependencies:[]