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You know what this is. I know what this is. Uncle Jason knows what it is. And skinwalkers, wendigos, goatmen, jersey devils, and other such unsavory innawoods cryptids damn well know that this is. And they FEAR it more than any other weapon procured by mankind.

The Fabrique-Nationale (FN) FAL, also known as EXCALIBUR (by me, and now by you) is a Belgium-produced battle rifle built with the intent of becoming a standard-issue military arm for the countries of NATO in the early Cold War. In fact, it is the most used shoulder arm of them all, being used to this day by over 90 countries from the UK to Venezuela, from Israel to Germany. One notable exception however was the United States; although we ended up contributing the standard cartridge for the FAL (.308 Win, or 7.62x51), the USA instead opted to adopt the native-produced M14 rifle.

But you're not here for some dumb historical trivia, you are here to read about legendary weapon's deep-rooted connections to /K/ and /X/ culture.

/K/ommando usage of the FAL[]

As you can imagine, a decent amount of semi-popular threads of /K/ and /X/ that have anything to do with close innawoods encounters with paranormal beings tend to feature surplus rifles/pistols such as the SKS, SVT-40, SMLE, 1911, etc. Though above all others, semi-auto FALs are what ends up outright killing or at least warding off these baddies the most.* citation needed, I guess

The powerful .308 round and robust, heavy design lend the FAL well to just about any defensive situation a NATO military member or /K/ camper may find themselves in. Generally packing 20-30 round box magazines and sometimes bayonet lugs, a FAL will always be able to repel assailants from bears, coyotes, bobcats and cougars, to less-than-natural foes, which is what gives the rifle its claim to fame. Skinwalkers/Imitators can almost always be stunned or outright felled by just one well placed shot, as seen in the first Greentext below, if not at least discouraged.

Here are a few dubbed examples of the FAL at work in Greentext stories -

Skinwalker Buster Bill

HK 91 (FAL inspired battle rifle) VS Mountain Beasts